A Book A Day – Round One

Over the past few weeks, I have been taking part in the Borough Press‘ A Book A Day Challenge.  Voila:

I have had terrific fun coming up with these, some categories were definitely tougher than others!

#6 – The Book I Always Give As A Gift

#7 – I Own More Than One Copy

#8 – I Can’t Remember If I Read It

#9 – Film/TV Tie-in

#10 – It Reminds Me Of Someone I Love

#11 – Second Hand Bookshop Gem

#12 – I Pretend To Have Read It

#13 – It Makes Me Laugh Out Loud

#14 – An Old Favourite

#15 – Favourite Fictional Father

#16 – I Can’t Believe More People Haven’t Read It

#17 – Future Classic

#18 – Bought on a Recommendation

#19 – Still Can’t Stop Talking About It

#20 – Favourite Cover

#21 – Summer Read

#22 – Out of Print

#23 – I Was Made To Read It At School

#24 –  Hooked Me Into Reading

#25 –  Never Finished It

#26 – Should Have Sold More Copies

#27 – I Want To Be One Of The Characters

#28 – Bought At My Favourite Independent Bookshop

#29 – The Book That I Have Reread Most Often

#30 – Would Save If My House Burnt Down

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