Blogmas – 2021 Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year to one and all!

While 2021 is still an unknown, it’s really good to be turning the page. Onwards and upwards … although these good wishes come from a Tier 4 area of England meaning that the wildest thing we are able to do right now is go grab a takeaway coffee. But if books are going to be my best bet for escapism for the foreseeable, I wanted to think about what I can do to make my reading life better.

I’m waving goodbye to Amazon

I first bought books from Amazon when it was the online arm of Waterstones. This was back when they only sold books. So … a long time ago. I had no driving licence, it was the only way to get books delivered  and it used to take days to arrive. Slowly though it has changed. For a long while I’ve justified still buying from it because it was a good way of finding obscure books and that I do a lot to boost the book industry in other areas. But. I can’t make excuses any longer. I love bookshops and I need to support them better during the current situation. I would like to draw to your attention to Hive – they don’t charge delivery and they let you support your favourite independent bookshop. I’ll see you there.


More non-fiction

I have a stack of non-fiction books on my TBR and a lot of my most memorable reads of the past year have been non-fiction. More biographies for 2021!


Reach 200 reviews on Netgalley

My Netgalley feedback ratio has slipped from the bad to the truly embarrassing. But I’m only 20 or so away so this seems achievable, not least because there’s a good few books on there that I’ve already read but just not shared my feedback.


Take the Guardian January Challenge

I really hate January. It’s cold, wet, grey and you don’t have Christmas to look forward to. So this Guardian ‘literary diet’ looks like a really good way to lift the spirits for what is unarguably the worst month of the year. Job for today is reading Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise!


More Comfort Reads

Early on this year, I found that my choice of reading matter was negatively impacting my emotional state. I pick books that I think I ‘should’ read rather than because they make me happy. 2020 has been tough and I need to think more proactively about how I approach my favourite leisure activity. In the short term, I’m planning to re-read all my Moomins books, tackle my Jane Austen reading list and just plain old re-read more. Up-lit here we come!


Please share your reading resolutions – I’d love to hear what other people have planned 🤗

May 2021 bring you only good things!

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5 thoughts on “Blogmas – 2021 Reading Resolutions

  1. Yay for comfort reads and non-fiction!

    Along with comforting rereads, I’m glad that I keep discovering more books that make me happy, like Vittoria Cottage by D.E. Stevenson, Jill the Reckless by P.G. Wodehouse, and Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M Montgomery (why do those authors all use initials? weird). And learning stuff also makes me happy. So, books win!

    1. Jane of Lantern Hill would be such a good re-read! I loved that when I was a child – uncomfortable moments for me because I also grew up with an absentee father and although we get on ok now, life is not a fairytale, but still lovely story. Books really do win! Happy New year 🙂

  2. I may take 2021 off from making reading resolutions — I’m trying to make this a year where I’m a little more gentle with myself. But I love your resolutions! They seem great! One of my unofficial resolutions (call it an intention) is to do more author interviews on podcast, which is a very intimidating goal but I’m going to force myself to try. I started reading Talia Hibbert’s forthcoming book last night and it is SO CHARMING that I am trying to convince myself I shouldn’t be intimidated by its no-doubt-also-charming author.

    1. I am really trying not to overload my resolutions – it’s just more trying to direct my reading in directions that will make me happy. I’ve never actually done ‘in person’ or audio interviews so that sounds like a really interesting goal. I wish you well with it and a happy new year 🙂 2021 has certainly kicked off in an ‘interesting’ way so let’s see how it goes from here!

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