A Brontë a Day – Day 2: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Has anyone else had these Tenant issues?


I didn’t really connect with Tenant when I read it first aged 13. I read it again when I was twenty and liked it much better. However it was only shortly afterwards that I realised that my copy was one of the “bad” editions. When Charlotte Brontë refused permission for a reprint after Anne Brontë’s death, it got pirated with numerous errors and also censored in some quite baffling ways. It took me two attempts to find a copy which actually contains Anne Brontë’s intended text. It’s ridiculous how many dodgy copies there still are still out there over a century on. The easiest way to check whether your copy is good or not is to flip to the final page and check whether it says “lived together” or “lived and loved together”. In the case of the latter, it’s the approved edition, the former indicates the censored text.
Also wanted to share my review – it has become one of my favourite ever books. I love how it celebrates female fortitude – an early feminist classic.
I agreed to participate in the #ABrontëADay Challenge during May for the A Walk Around the Brontë Table Facebook group. I will also be sharing posts on my Instagram feed.
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