Austen in August Challenge: My Austen Collection

As mentioned before, I am extremely late to the party for Austen in August this year. But I still want to join in as much as possible, so I decided to head out and see what other bloggers are doing. Although things seem pretty quiet over at the Roofbeam Reader, there is a lot of awesome Austen action at The Book Rat and it was there that I spied her Austen in August Challenge. For step one, the Austenophile shares their Austen collection and so during the Astronaut’s nap time, I had a wander round the house to see what I could find.


This does seem to represent all that I have in the house and while spreading the books out did fill up a fair amount of the carpet, it did reveal some worrying gaps. Where oh where are my university copies of Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility? What on earth happened to the copy of Love and Freindship that Penguin sent me back in 2014, when I first did Austen in August? More upsettingly, my beloved first ever copy of Pride and Prejudice (Everyman edition) is also MIA as is indeed my Flickbook edition in case I ever need to read Pride and Prejudice in an emergency. I guess I just have to hope that they’re somewhere in my parents’ garage. It’s possible that one or two might have slipped into The Cupboard of Books I Read Rarely (godforsaken corner of the house) but even that seems unlikely.

The other thing that I realised is that a lot of my Austen books that I have received more recently are galley copies only. I have always kind of wanted to have a whole shelf of Austen books and while I clearly do have something that resembles that, there’s a whole raft of them that only exist on my Kindle. When you’re trying to prove your fandom credentials, e-copies don’t really cut it.

Still – these are the Austen books that I have currently within my house – please let me know if any of them look intriguing, I would be happy to provide further details/make recommendations!

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