Austen in August – Austen Fan Challenge

A good few years ago, I did the Harry Potter Book tag on Booktube about personal high and low points within the fandom. I always planned to complete a similar tag for Austen in August. But then I abandoned my burgeoning Booktuber career entirely and so the list lingered uncompleted. With my own special Austen in August running late this year, I decided that I should probably get on and share it. This will be running over the next few weeks and I would love it other people joined in too or even shared their thoughts in the comments ☺️

August 29th – Favourite book by Jane Austen

August 30th – Favourite film adaptation of one of her books

August 31st – Favourite film about her life

September 1st – Least favourite book by Jane Austen

September 2nd – Funniest moment in Jane Austen

September 3rd – Favourite Austen crush

September 4th – Favourite overall Austen character

September 5th – Favourite line in Jane Austen

September 6th – Which Austen family would you most like to be a part of?

September 7th – Which Austen character would you want to be friends with?

September 8th – Favourite Austen spin-off

September 9th – Strangest item of Austen merchandise

September 10th – What does it take to be an Austen fan?

September 11th – Why do you think that Jane Austen is still so popular?

September 12th – What does Jane Austen mean to you?

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2 thoughts on “Austen in August – Austen Fan Challenge

  1. Oh, how fun! Loving all the content you’re doing for Austen in August! I feel like my Austen reading is a little incomplete to have any definitive answers to most of these prompts, but I will say that my favourite Austen moment (so far!) is when Mr Darcy, responding to Lizzie’s distress at hearing Lydia has run off with Wickham, insists that she let him bring her a wine. I would’ve fallen for him right then and there, no matter how proud he was! 😉

    1. You’re so right! What a gent in a time of distress 😂

      I’m not expecting people to have thoughts on every day of the challenge but hopefully we can get some conversation going 🙂 This post has been in draft for a VERY long time!

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