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Apologies for my absence from the airwaves – my offline life intervened.  However, my online life has had a lovely update recently.  Girl with her Head in a Book has been nominated for an award!  The UKYA Blogger & Vlogger Awards has shortlisted me for Best Bookish Post 2019.  Having had a sneaky look at my fellow nominees, I am pretty thrilled to be in such good company.  It is lovely to think that people in the wider blogging community have been reading the site and liking what they see.  For the curious, the bookish post in question is my review of My Name is Leon, a book well worth checking out.  This post isn’t an attempt to plug for votes and as far as I can tell, the final decision will be up to the judges, so for now I just wanted to share the good news – I am officially an award-nominated blogger!

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10 thoughts on “Exciting News

  1. Congratulations, that was a wonderful review. It’s good to see you back again. Any chance of the Saturday poem being revived? I did enjoy it.

    1. Did you see that I did one last week – just for you! Searching down poems does take a bit of time and so I put my weekly features on hiatus for now. I hope I can revive them at some point but alas it hasn’t quite happened yet 🙂

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