August in Review

Bonjour all – a brief update from the rarely seen Girl with her Head in a Book!  I’ve been in and out a little, having lots of very busy weekends and then a lot on with work.  August has been exhausting, featuring a lot of running around again so I am determined that September will be quieter, even if we still have another wedding left.  As mentioned previously, I ended up caving and having to take a breather mid-way through the month and I’m still not totally back in the game – a lot of really good reading is going on but it’s slightly behind the scenes.  On the plus side, I’ve been Austening it up which is always fun – and I’ve managed to gather up some very exciting books so my autumn reading list is looking very interesting.  Plus there are still 120 books from Netgalley to be read.  120.  One hundred and twenty.  Yikes.

Books Read: 7 – but really only 6

Review Copies: 2

Classics Club Reads: 1 – but I’m also reading Emma at the moment which will make 2

Top Read of August: Another tough pick – Ruby was fantastic from a literary perspective, but left me feeling utterly drained, then Girls Will Be Girls gave me lots to think about but Eligible just made me smile.  Alas, I don’t think it was The Cursed Child, that was fun but no classic.  It may actually have to be His Dark Materials – wonderful to revisit a childhood classic and discover it to be just as good as I remembered.

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Most Shared Post: Eligible, Curtis Sittenfeld

Blog Highlight: I think my favourite blogging moment of the month was receiving my lovely review copy of Accession from Livi Michael including a signed message! Having been a fan since Succession, it’s a bit of a fan-girlish experience to realise that she enjoys my work too!

watching pandasNon-Bookish Highlight: I feel really lucky that again, there’s been a few of these.  We had our house-warming which was really hectic but really great fun, then we also had one of my good friends from the Essex days to stay and a good time was had by all (except for when we went to the Modern Art Gallery in Oxford when my boyfriend’s head nearly exploded).  Then there was another long-term and dearly treasured friend’s wedding which was so very lovely – I got to ceilidh! And they did the Dashing White Sergeant!  Then before we came away from Edinburgh (where the wedding was), I even got to see the pandas in Edinburgh Zoo! Real Pandas! Right there!  It was extremely exciting.  Koalas and penguins also prompted great glee – some things haven’t changed since I was a toddler.

Top Bookish Acquisition(s): During the Edinburgh trip, I managed a sneaky trip into the second hand bookshops of Stockbridge, where I found a brand new copy of Paula Byrne’s new biography of Kathleen Kennedy Kick for under a fiver and then also a book on the Von Trapps!  I also caved and bought The Mistresses of Clivesden which was not a bargain but which is up my alley.  I would also say a big thank you to my boyfriend who saw my disappointed face when Amazon emailed to say that they would not be delivering my copy of The Cursed Child until a week after the release date (come on guys, sort it out – you used to have to do this almost every year!) and who went out to get me a copy from the supermarket.

Links I Recommend:

My knitting group recently yarn-bombed the Radcliffe Camera in aid of Mind – donations can be made here

I also discovered this fantastic Literary Periodic Table of Villains which made me giggle as well as want to run and hide

The Problem of Susan is an issue/plothole that has always bothered me so it’s really great to see Sara from Majoring in Literature take a crack at understanding it better

The dude who wrote a best-selling abstinence memoir which I will not name but which I know affected a lot of people is sort of slightly sorry.

Other News:

I’m still going to be slightly in the wind for the next few weeks as I am still catching up with myself but I am reading all the comments and am grateful for all the good thoughts and interesting conversations which are being had.  Thank you, as always, for visiting.

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7 thoughts on “August in Review

  1. Hi! What a fantastic panda! I am so envious, as I do not think I have ever seen a panda in person? Unless they had one at the San Francisco Zoo when I was four, in which case I may have seen one but did not copy the mental image into long-term memory storage.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your time in Edinburgh – I just moved away and I’m definitely missing that fabulous city (including the awesome secondhand bookstores, of course!). And I hope you enjoy your Austen-themed reading! 😀

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