July in Review

Another busy month – this one has featured being knocked sideways by a hideous cold (I never quite remember how unpleasant those can be until I’m actually in the middle of one) and then rather a lot of dashing about.  The great thing about now living in a house with a huge garden is that I got to convalesce from said cold by reading outside in the sunshine, and we’ve also managed to have a barbecue as a beta test for our housewarming party next month.  I do feel really lucky though in how co-operative the weather has been – we’ve been eating outside for tea almost every evening and have taken every opportunity to make each day an ice cream day.  In terms of reading, July has been a mixed bag – I’ve got through a lot but I don’t feel that I’ve been very systematic – I’ve been looking forward to Austen in August for a year but I don’t feel prepared at all.  To cap it all it appears that it won’t even be running … so I may have to run a small-scale version of my own- does anybody else want to join in?

Books Read: 12

Review Copies: 4

Classics Club Reads: 0 – but I’m not going to get too upset about this given that I still managed to read 8 of my own books.  I am seriously considering joining that challenge as otherwise I really wonder how I’m ever going to tackle the tottering TBR pile.

Top Read of July: I actually can’t pick this month – I loved Little Boy Lost but then Asking For It completely knocked me for six.  I can’t say that I enjoyed the latter but I was so glad that I had read it – now I want someone else to so that I can share the horror!

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Blog Highlight: I’ve had some lovely messages this past week about my review of Asking For It – it’s always a worry when you write about a book that’s made you feel very emotional but I’m really glad that people got where I was coming from.  Similarly for Top Ten Bookish Peeves and Bellyaching about Books.  Strange though it may seem, I am a sensitive little soul and I do worry that people will mis-interpret what I am trying to put across in my own clumsy fashion via the old Interweb – I do tend to stop and read something back and then often take out personal aspects and or passages that seem too opinionated.  So thank you for bearing with me for some of my ranting this month.

Non-Bookish Highlight: There’s been a few of these – my erstwhile flatmate and adored friend came to visit before moving to Africa and we had a fantastic day punting on the river, then my knitting group had its summer party and we all had a fine old time eating sausages and roasting marshmallows then last weekend we had a spontaneous barbecue with a few friends.  The common denominator here has been summer sunshine and general fun – it’s been lovely.

Top Bookish Acquisition(s): I gathered up my childhood bookcase during a brief visit to my parents’ house earlier this month – it’s no longer bubblegum pink but still has sentimental value.  I also had a poke in some of the boxes that came down from the attic in my childhood home and they are not looking as ruined as I had feared (my parents employed an unscrupulous builder to do their extension about ten years ago and it transpired that he used the boxes of my childhood books to plug holes in the roof).  While I haven’t looked through all of them yet, things are not as bad as I had thought – perhaps not an acquisition but a definite cause for celebration.

Top Non-Bookish Acquisition: We bought the card game Gloom where the object is to cause maximum pain and suffering to a family under your control, while also inflicting happiness on families belonging to your competitor.  While sounding strange, it is rather hilarious – I love the story-telling possibilities and the slap-stick humour.  We’ve gathered up a few card games lately and I think I need to post about them soon.  After years of Monopoly and Scrabble, I’ve learnt lots about the gaming possibilities – I’m still a bad loser but it’s lots of fun.

Links I Recommend:

Charlene from Bookish Whimsy wrote this wonderful piece on Being Kind When Reviewing Books – it’s a good point to remember and a really well-written piece.  It did rather inspire my own thoughts and I do really enjoy the inter-blog conversation.

The propaganda has unfortunately been effective and I now really want to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – noooooo!  The photos of the cast have now dropped and one of my friends has already seen it and raved and the two Hermiones have now met … and … oh dear.  I want tickets.  And the book.  It’s like being fourteen again …


In bookish/sporting news – Australia has triumphed over America in the Quidditch World Cup.  Not kidding.

And finally, although the story of Emma in Asking For It is fictional, there are women of all ages and backgrounds for whom her story is all too real – so I wanted to share again the link for donations to Rape Crisis.

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6 thoughts on “July in Review

  1. Colds are so nasty, you aren’t sick enough to take to your bed, no one feels much sympathy as it’s ‘only’ a cold but you are sick enough to be miserable! Hope it passes soon.
    I have Asking For It to read but I keep putting off reading it as I know it will be hard to read. I said to a friend that I needed to be in the right mood to read it and she said, you’ll never be in the mood for a book like that so just dive in. I must!
    I’m glad your childhood books have survived! I treasure mine 🙂

    1. I don’t think there’s ever a right mood for Asking For It either – but yet I’m still really glad that I read it. I would recommend it – which feels a strange thing to do given the mood it put me in afterwards!
      I know – I can’t wait til I can get all my books in one place. That being said, I think the prospect terrifies my boyfriend. Thanks for commenting, lovely to hear from you 🙂

  2. Gloom sounds brilliant! My family always needs new fun games for holiday celebrations, so I’ll see if I can test this one out in the holidays offseason. :p

    I am so sorry to hear about your childhood books. Even if it’s not as bad as you might have feared, it still sounds rough. I will keep my fingers crossed that you’re able to do some more recovery efforts.

    1. Well, they’re a bit brown in places and I don’t think the experience has really been good for them but I think given what I thought had happened, I appear to have got off comparatively lightly – a huge relief.

      And yes – Gloom is great fun and very pretty, I need to find more people willing to play it!

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