April in Review

The theme of this month has definitely been Brontë – I feel as if I am still emerging from the cave, blinking slightly at the sunlight.  I definitely want to dive back in again next year!  There can be times when I feel as though I am drowning in review copies so it was really fantastic to get back to thinking about some of the books that made me love reading quite so much in the first place.  I am a crazy little fan girl.

Books Read: 9

Books Reviewed: 9

Review Copies: 3

Classics Club Reads: 1 – Jane Eyre, but then I also read Miss Miles which I think should be a classic so I kind of want to count it as 2

Top Read of March: Saying Jane Eyre seems kind of obvious and saying Miss Miles seems repetitive so I’m going to go with The Brontë Cabinet but then The Brontë Myth was also a very strong contender.

Most Viewed Post:  One of the Quotes of the Week from several months ago is still going happily viral but in terms of posts from this month, the Charlotte Brontë/Jane Austen Death Match takes the prize.

Most Commented on Post: Top Ten Fictional Misanthropes

Most Shared Post: I’m going to leave that one for this month as there was just too much sharing happening to pick on one.

Blog Highlight: It’s no spoiler, but hosting my first ever blog event was a wonderful experience – I felt as though I got to know other bloggers a lot better and made some more connections which links in to my blogger resolutions from the start of the year.  Plus, it was great to share my Bronteish brooding with other people.

Non-Bookish Highlight: Well, I started this month on holiday in Scotland and then sneaked in a quick weekend break with one of my closest friends to Amsterdam.  We saw tulips! We saw the Vincent Van Gogh museum! We went to Anne Frank’s house! We saw narrow houses! We went on a river boat cruise! It was amazing.

Top Bookish Achievement: The blog and bookish highlights are very closely linked – but I was really pleased that I managed to stay on topic with my reading, I have a horrible tendency to get distracted whenever I’m nailed down to a particular topic.  I only discovered Miss Miles and The Brontë Myth during the course of the challenge so getting them read and reviewed in time felt like a real achievement.

 Top Bookish Acquisition(s): Ah so many! Being released from the Lent No-Book-Buying was so wonderful! I charted this in further detail in my Top Ten Bookshops post this month.  My favourite has to be this truly beautiful picture book that I found in St Andrews during my holiday:


I actually got teary-eyed when I was reading it in the shop and it is incredibly comforting to have around the flat!  This is definitely a book that I will treasure for always.

However, gathering up Miss Miles, a book which I had never heard of but which told me more about a figure from the Brontë story who had always intrigued me, also felt like a feat of literary detective work. It’s just been a really great month for finding new things.

Links I Recommend:

The fabulous guest posts from Brooding about the Brontës all feel worthy of recommending – I’ve given them coverage in the week wrap-up.  I am very keen though to try out the adaptation of Jane Eyre mentioned by Charlene at Bookish Whimsy.

This month, Stumbleupon introduced me to the glory that is the Dictionary of Purple Prose.  Anyone who enjoys fun and or weird words is sure to enjoy.

I also discovered these 12 Beautiful Poems for Book Lovers – they made me sigh with delight.

My godmother also sent me this link of what looks like the most perfect bookish hotel in Tokyo – amazing!

Waterstones have brought out these editions of Beatrix Potter as imagined by modern fashion designers – I don’t know whether it’s genius or sacrilege … I’m going to go with genius.

And lastly, Lucy Mangan’s piece on why Anne wins Battle of the Brontës just has to get a mention.

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