Discussion Challenge 2016


I’ve been looking for a Challenge to participate in for 2016 and none have seemed quite right. Popsugar’s equivalent to the one they put together for 2015 features a number of ‘impossible’ categories for me – the worst one is finding a book with a protagonist that has the same occupation as me.  My job is very specific and I think I would seriously struggle if I tried to find a fictional someone who did the same thing, unless I sat down and wrote the thing myself.  I am aiming to read a book from my Classics Club Challenge list every month but to branch out a little further, I’ve decided that I also want to join in with the 2016 Discussion Challenge.  I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of opinions, as regular readers will no doubt have gathered by now and sometimes they just don’t fit into a review post so over the past few months I have been dabbling with discussions as they occur to me.  In terms of the Challenge rules, I don’t want to commit to more than one a month but I’m really excited at the prospect of getting more involved with the conversation!

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