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I am having a week off from blogging but yet when I saw this topic on The Broke and Bookish, I just couldn’t resist.  I have really enjoyed coming up with my Top Tens over the past eighteen months – sometimes I follow those laid down by the B&B but just as often, I have come up with my own.  It’s been really fun to list up and remember books read long ago as well as those which are newly discovered.  It’s also an excellent way to network the blog and discover other people’s favourites.  So, out of all of the Top Tens I have written so far, these have been the ones I enjoyed the most:

This is the list that started me off – I picked out my bookish heroines for my very first Top Ten Tuesday, then a year later I picked out ten more.  Spoilers: I have already picked out another ten for next year.  This is one of those categories that can run and run.


If ever I become a parent, whether I produced offspring of the male or female variety, I would buy them books.  Oh so many books.  But in this list I was thinking more of books that steer away from the Princess category (not that there anything wrong with the world of fairytale and make-believe) and which remind girls from a young age that they are not the supporting character, or the mere love interest but rather that they have the power of choice in all areas.


This one was kind of a surprise category to me – I had never really thought of it before but it was fascinating to sit down and think about which books had been milestones in my life.  Sometimes it was not obvious to me at the time, but when I looked back, it was unexpectedly easy to come up with a list that fitted the bill.

These two were just fun to come up with – it was also interesting to realise that for me, the most memorable Fictional Mean Girls came not from the drama-filled teen reads of adolescence, but rather from Austen.  Apparently, they packed some zingers which have the ability to really stick in the mind.  Similarly, the male equivalent list was terrific fun to unleash a rant about.

I feel that this one was one of my more unusual Top Ten Tuesdays because while writing it, it felt like I was creating a story rather than a list.  In the words of the incomparable Bette Davis, “Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a bumpy night.”

I like this one and the others which have included similar material (favourite covers, favourite picture books etc) because it is lovely to look back on those books which have been true pieces of art.  Yes the words are important, but books are also incredibly beautiful things and after writing this list, I felt incredibly content.

This one hits the Top Ten List for very selfish reasons – I wrote this list and Father Christmas listened and several weeks later, I received the vast majority.  I have always been very blessed in how well he (and his close collaborator, my darling Mama) have understood my on-going and debilitating abibliophobia (fear of running out of things to read).

This was a list that made me feel as if I was not alone – in terms of sharing fictional pet peeves, it was a fantastic release but the response in the comment section was one of the reasons why I love blogging so much.  It is that sense that other people out there feel the same that makes it the experience it is.  Thank you to all who join in!

I thought about this one for a long time before I wrote it – as a long-term daydreamer, I spent an astonishingly large proportion of my childhood pretending to be someone from a book.  Reading Hadley Freeman’s wonderful Be Awesome and also Samantha Ellis’ How To Be A Heroine however made me consider how far the books I have read have affected my identity – how has been the girl with her head in a book made me into the person I am?  In short, who is Girl with her Head in a Book?  Deep thoughts.  Great fun.


This category made me think long and hard.  It made me reach into my brain, my memories and the highlight section of my Kindle.  In short, it made me treasure the books I have read even further – to explore and analyse which quotations have stuck in the mind, changed my opinions and made me happy.  Doing the Top Ten Tuesday has made me appreciate my past reads even more – it has been a pleasure and I look forward to many more hours of fun.

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5 thoughts on “Top Ten Top Ten Tuesdays

  1. I don't think I ever saw the option for Children's illustrators but I love your selections. I will have to think about it and then create a post next time we have a REWIND week.
    I also missed the week about Gateway Books. What a great way to think about literature. My Favorite TTT posts

  2. I love this weeks topic, I'm getting to see so many topics that I have missed. You chose some brilliant topics 🙂 I didn't do the one about books you'd give to someone, but I'd love to have done one for my hypothetical daughter too. I would have hundreds though, it would be a bit hard to choose only ten. Here's my TTT if you want to check it out 🙂

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