Readalong #2 – Alias Grace

The Readalong is back!  So, this month Kirsty from the Literary Sisters and I hosted the Wuthering Heights Readalong – many thanks are due to Lory, CGrace and Rachel for participating.  Anyway, we enjoyed it so much that we want to do it again! Once again, everyone and anyone is welcome to participate, although if you are then it would be great if you would link back to us.  For our February read, We have picked Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood which is based on the real-life trial of 16 year-old Canadian housemaid Grace Marks.  I am hoping to have my review done by the final week of February, but am slightly hampered by the fact I may or may not be moving house (long story).  Please let me know in the comments if you think you would like to join us!

Thank you for listening,

Girl with her Head in a Book

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8 thoughts on “Readalong #2 – Alias Grace

  1. Yes I would like to join you! I love Margaret Atwood. Since you won't be doing it until final week of February, looks like I have some time. 🙂

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