A Book A Day #26 – Favourite Poetry Collection

Staying Alive: Real Poems For Unreal Times

I’ve included poems from Staying Alive before in my Poetry Please column that runs on Saturday.  There is so much stunning poetry in the world – I love John Donne.  My best friend also got me a lovely anthology of Poems for Life a few years ago but there’s something about the passion and even the anger behind some of the poems in Staying Alive that really makes it stick in my memory.  There’s a very particular poem that I would even say is one of my favourites simply due the passion it inspires in me but I will never publish it on here because it is so contentious – the poet himself received death threats for writing it.  Staying Alive is not a collection about beauty or nature or language or any of the themes of so many of the poems that I love; it is about the world we live in which is so often lacking in beauty.  It is an anthology that once read can never be forgotten.

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