A Book A Day #28 – Bought At My Favourite Independent Bookshop

1066 and All That, W.C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman

My favourite independent bookshop is Broadhursts of Southport.  They wrap up whatever you’ve bought in brown paper and string and are super-friendly.  That being said, I do have others that I am very fond of, as discussed in a recent Top Ten Tuesday.  I am generally that strange customer who wanders around for about forty-five minutes, looking increasingly panicked as I realise ust how many books there are in the world that I want to read and the yawning impossibility of my ever getting through all of them let alone being able to afford every single one.  I am picking 1066 and All That because I always think of this as a massive feat of salesmanship – I went in to browse with a friend, the book-sellers promised me free books for my then class and out of gratitude I bought this.  To be fair, I think that everyone should own their own copy of 1066 and all that, it is one of the most quotable books ever written.

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