A Book A Day #21 – Summer Read

The Bone Season, Samantha Shannon

This topic was one of the most confusing for me.  I understand the theory – many people do not require access to books in the same way that I do and for a large proportion of the population, most of their reading takes place on their summer holidays.  But the idea of the ‘holiday read’ is a bit of an anathema to me.  On Sunday, I put three books in my handbag because I just couldn’t decide and I was only going into London.  Still, right now I’m reading The Bone Season and it’s a nice book to read out in the garden.  I like to read grim books in sunshine, last year I read An Evil Cradling down at the park and it made the whole experience a lot more bearable.  So far, The Bone Season seems like a more complex and creative version of The Hunger Games but We Shall See …

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2 thoughts on “A Book A Day #21 – Summer Read

  1. Sometimes I need VERY LONG books if I'm on holiday where I don't have a way to get more. Although I prefer print, my e-reader makes this easier as otherwise I'm packing some huge tomes to take along.

  2. I do know what you mean – when I was eight I only took one book on holiday to Germany. Big, big, big mistake. I sometimes think I've been over-compensating ever since. I tend to have a back-pack of books in the car for long trips. My Kindle does help but I tend to pack it as well as the backpack rather than instead of …

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