A Book A Day #19 – Still Can’t Stop Talking About It

This one is a little bit of a cheat, since strictly speaking it’s not just one book as Anne O’Brien’s The Scandalous Duchess and Anya Seton’s Katherine are just as interesting.  But it’s all the same story – girl meets duke, duke is dynastically married, duke and girl have four children together anyway and their love partly causes the Peasants’ Revolt but despite everything duke loves girl and they manage to get married. I will happily drop a half hour long spiel about amazing it is should anybody show the slightest chance of being interested.  Be warned.  I was amazed by this story when I first read it in Katherine, delighted to discover that it really did happen in Alison Weir’s non-fiction Katherine Swynford and then I fell in love all over again in The Scandalous Duchess.  John of Gaunt is quite literally the hottest man in history.

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2 thoughts on “A Book A Day #19 – Still Can’t Stop Talking About It

  1. For some reason I couldn't finish Katherine…somehow it didn't sustain my interest. I would love to read Alison Weir's account of the story behind it though.

  2. The Seton novel is the one that first sparked my interest (and abiding passion for John of Gaunt) but I do know what you mean. My favourite is probably still the Weir biography although I must admit that I really enjoyed Anne O'Brien's The Scandalous Duchess – I only got in March and I've already reread it!

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