A Book A Day #8 – I Can’t Remember If I Read It

Emma, Jane Austen

This is adapted from the Borough Press’ list, which had I Forgot I Owned It.  This has never happened to me because I have a a weird long-term memory which applies well to stories.  However, due to the size of my To Be Read pile, there are a few of my past-reads which are a bit hazy.  Worst of all is Emma.  I have seen no fewer than three adaptations of this novel, four if we include Clueless which I think we really should.  I definitely remember beginning to read it and have vague memories of different stages of the novel but I am actually not sure if I ever finished it – either way, I know exactly what happens thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and Romola Garai (and there’s an annoying lady on Youtube currently playing her in Emma Approved), but that only muddles the issue further.  Have I read Emma?  Is it really possible that there’s an Austen novel out there which I never finished?  Also, given that my copy is in the Schrodinger’s box of my parents’ attic, can I justify buying it again on the off chance that I haven’t read it yet?

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6 thoughts on “A Book A Day #8 – I Can’t Remember If I Read It

  1. When I was reading Barchester Towers recently, I was sure that I had never read an earlier Trollope, but as soon as I started it I realized that I had actually read The Warden (which sets up the whole premise of the story). This does happen to me rather frequently.

  2. This must be a variation on David Lodge's After Dinner Game – where you have to talk about a well known and great work you have actually never read but convince everyone you have! When he first used it in one of his novels it was claimed by someone it was based on a professor of English literature who had never read Hamlet!

  3. In my humble opinion, you can always justify buying multiple copies of Jane Austen books. If the copy is prettier than your other copy(ies) than you're extra, extra justified 🙂

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