A Book A Day #6 – The Book I Always Give As A Gift

All My Friends Are Superheroes, Andrew Kaufman
I really love this book, I have discussed the reasons why before.  I think it’s a lovely celebration of love in all its forms and also the way that our different personality traits can shape our lives.  Virtually every line is quotable.  I have bought this for quite a few of my friends – it’s an amazing book but I like to think the title is also part of the present.  I am lucky enough to have a fair few everyday superheroes in my life and I hope they know that I know it.
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4 thoughts on “A Book A Day #6 – The Book I Always Give As A Gift

  1. Inspired by you but several days behind! It's been quite thought provoking … sort of like 100 Days of Happiness but for books 🙂 And yes, All My Friends Are Superheroes is amazing, one of my very favourites – it's quirky without being cheesy, I just love it.

  2. Funny, but I seldom give books as gifts! However, I did give Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell to my brother, and Geraldine Brooks's The People of the Book (as an audiobook — she was driving across the country and I thought it would be a good accompaniment). They did not tell me what they thought, so I hope they liked them!

  3. Just spotted your comment! I do give books as presents quite often – I have some family who live abroad and I used to get very excited about buying them books. Then I realised that they just weren't keen readers. It was such a sad moment. I've only given this one to my very dear friends though – I think you can only give books to people you know will appreciate them.

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