A Book A Day #4 – Least Favourite Book by a Favourite Author

The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides

I really, really struggled to come up with one for this one.  I am very loyal to my favourite authors.  Still, I remember how disappointed when The Marriage Plot was released.  Jeffrey Eugenides only releases one book a decade and then due to personal budget constraints, I had to wait for the paperback.  I managed great self-control and held-off reading it in the book-shop, finally got it home and … hmm.  The Virgin Suicides was the defining read during a period of teenage grumpiness and angst, then Middlesex represented a real moment of awakening when I was living in France in my very early twenties.  The Marriage Plot seemed limp in comparison with no equivalent moment of cathartic realisation.  I even wrote a very lukewarm review on this site.  But.  It grew on me.  The final page is incredibly beautiful and has come to sum up my thoughts on marriage.  There are moments of truth in this one that make me want to reread it.

So yes, I cheated in the pick for today.  It has yet to blow my away as its siblings did but I have learnt to respect it.

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4 thoughts on “A Book A Day #4 – Least Favourite Book by a Favourite Author

  1. This is an interesting category of book, and one that would be really tricky for me to think of an example for. I usually love every book by my favorite authors. Now I'm inspired to consider this question…

  2. This is the only book by Eugenides I have read and it rather put me off reading his others. But I should really give him a chance. As for me, I was disappointed in The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier. I had read and enjoyed everything else by her, but that book was displaying its research way too obviously for me. I just couldn't believe in it as a story.

  3. This was the toughest category for me so far … Wen I first started blogging, I used to feel guilty that there were so few books that I disliked, as it felt as if I wasn't being critical enough but then I just decided to just be glad that I have such a good success rate at picking books that I like. Some people's blogs can get nit-picky and I think that this category would be better suited to them … still, I'm pleased with what I came up with 🙂

  4. I thought it would be amazing because it's about an English graduate and considers questions of literature etc, etc but I think that the central character was not as clearly defined as in previous books. Still, over time, the final page has really stuck in my mind. The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex are brilliant. I read the Virgin Suicides when I was fifteen, then was delighted when Middlesex was released shortly afterwards. However, the first page made me feel queasy so it took me until I was twenty to be ready to read it. When I did though, I thought it was amazing. I know exactly what you mean when historical fiction wears its research too heavily – it is so irritating and really jars when you're trying to follow the plot. Interesting choice.

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