A Book A Day #2 – Best Bargain

The Love-charm of Bombs, Lara Feigel
This was a tough pick because firstly, lots of lovely publishers and authors send me their books for free and also because I live near the fabulous Basildon Free Books Project which I have ‘acquired’ a worrying number of books from, entirely free of charge.  Still, I felt as though the best ‘bargain’ I ever managed was this one.  I had wanted it for over a year but the hardback seemed a bit steep, the paperback came out and I was still trying to be good but then the hardback appeared for £2.80 – hurrah!  It’s tragic but it does always make me feel as though I’ve put one over on the book-selling industry.
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2 thoughts on “A Book A Day #2 – Best Bargain

  1. Hm, hard to choose…one bargain I scored recently is the Heritage Press edition of The Bridge of San Luis Rey. It can easily be had for under $10 and I find it a terrific book for that price, considering what one can pay for new paperbacks these days. I'm offering a copy in my Literary Blog Hop giveaway next week (I can't ship outside the US though, sorry).

  2. In the UK, a lot of the supermarkets have really good book deals – Asda, our equivalent of Wal-Mart does a 3 for £10 offer and about a month or two ago I got three really good books for that. I was really pleased with today's pick because it was one that I had wanted for so long. You're right that the price of paperbacks just keeps going up and up – I know that the book-selling industry is struggling but for those on a budget, it doesn't make things easy!

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