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This has been a very up and down kind of Christmas.  It started with a pensioner who didn’t look both ways and so pulled out in the path of my car – I barely had time to scream before the whack of the collision.  Luckily, I escaped with just cuts and bruises but I learnt today that my car is unlikely to be fixable.  I was very fond of my wee car, it’s the first one I’ve ever owned and it was just a nice friendly shape, it got me where I needed to go.  Never having had pets growing up, I am going to really miss it.

Anyway, I am definitely grateful for the gift of my continued existence – in the moments after the crash, I had that panicked moment where I felt about to check that I still had all my limbs.  I have been incredibly lucky.  Still, it has made for an uneasy Christmas, waiting to hear that the other driver had admitted fault, waiting to hear about how much the car would cost.

In the middle of all this, Broadursts of Southport have really brightened up my Christmas.  I was in there on Christmas Eve (doing most of my Christmas shopping alas) with a friend and mentioned that I am a teacher.  I also mentioned that my pupils don’t read much, that they are poor southern children who aren’t that in to books.  I went back in today and was given a massive pile of free books that they felt that they could spare.  So I wanted to say a big thank you somewhere public and recommend their business.  They’re an independent bookseller in Southport – they offer an amazing shopping experience, they wrap up the books in brown paper and string after you’ve bought them and customer service is top notch.

I really appreciate this, particularly now that the only bookshop near me is a Waterstones shoved down the back of an HMV where when I asked them if they had the book I was looking for, they responded “Is it out there?”, I said no, the sales assistant replied “Then we don’t have it”.  What was funnier though was the total panic when I completed my loyalty stamper card, it couldn’t have been clearer that that had never happened before in that branch.  Broadhursts is well worth a visit, it’s like Christmas every day for people who like reading!  They have a coal burning fire and people who love to read who can recommend what you should read next and if you already know and they don’t have it, they are always eager to order it in for you!  They make you feel welcome and they care so much about people loving to read that they will give you free stuff to give to your class of book-phobic eleven year-olds!

Of course, I was so grateful that I then ended up buying a book despite my New Year’s Resolution to buy no more books until I have got at least half way through The Pile (except for Game of Thrones of course, because I have to know what happens next).  Broadhursts is my favourite ever bookshop, they also do a student discount and have a far better range of study-related books than other general book retailers.  They also have a second hand section and an entire children’s room where dedicated booksellers can help you find the book that is right for you.  So this has been Girl with her Head in a Book from Broadhursts, telling you to visit Broadhursts!

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